Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday ~ Dinning outside ~

The best thing about living in Florida is this time of year when we can really enjoy eating outside.
The weather is perfect...not too hot...not too cool. The view is stunning, and relaxing.
It's the time right before the snow birds and tourist start to come and invade sun coast.

Many outdoor eating area in Sarasota now allows pets to be with you as you dine. The do have to stay off the tables and are not to use any tableware. Most restaurants will provide water bowls, hand sanitizer, and a few doggie treat specials! We've enjoyed bringing our dog here for some time now. The park that is here also allows dogs, and they have a fountain and playground for the kids. Also a marina for the sport fisherman and party barge. Always a nice place to visit.

With it's nice new yellow umbrellas I am adding this to Mellow Yellow Monday .


  1. Beautiful location. I would certainly want to visit that spot often as well.

  2. It looks amazing.. a very nice place to visit. And it's a plus that the park allows owners to bring their dogs. Hehe.. Liking that idea. =)

    Her's my entry.. hope you can visit. =)

  3. Ah, O'Leary's! I love it. Great view...cold beer and doggie friendly -- perfect!

  4. Wish I were there! How wonderful that you can bring your dog along!

  5. What a beautiful view of the water as you enjoy your meal. That's my kinda place to eat, Lyndsey.

    Have a delightful weekend, enjoy it before you know who arrives ;)


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