Saturday, October 9, 2010

Camera Critters ~ herons or egrets~

You'll find herons all over Florida, they a pretty common. They like to hang out with fishermen...
...just in case they happen to drop a fish...
...or turn their back for a while...or maybe the sad puppy dog look will work and they get a toss...

The boat launch is another popular place to see them. Some fishermen will clean their catch here and then there is a treat!

He's pretty cool just hanging around!

I found out when I was used google to see if the fellow above was an egret or heron or what... It seems that egrets are herons or the difference is so slim. I guess an egret is a heron that is white or buff in color.
This guy was in our yard hunting for himself. It was taken when it was raining, right now we are so dry. Gorgeous dry 83 degree weather all week!
Here they go after lizards, frogs and snakes! Oh my!

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  1. They also go after turkey legs! (I mean the ones that are already detached and cooked to perfection.) When we were at Disney World my 20 something son was eating a turkey leg and an egret swooped down and took it right out of his had as he was about to take a bite!

    Great photos. Want to go to Florida now.

  2. They are so elegant looking. What a wonderful capture. I would love to photograph one though I rarely see them. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Great shots. I guess animals of all sorts learn that sometimes a human will give a snack!
    Thanks for the visit!

  4. I have heard of Great Blue Herons hanging out with fishermen in British Columbia sometimes, but they aren't as bold as these fellows!
    I also knew there were great similarities between herons and egrets, but didn't know the relationship was so close as to confuse scientists. Very interesting. Thanks for helping me "learn something new every day"!!

    Kay, Alberta

  5. They are beautiful birds, it is cool that they came so close to the fishermen.

  6. Wow they are so brave to stand so near from people.

    Hope you can visit my camera critter post too. Have a safe weekend!

  7. What great looking birds!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Beautiful photos - the birds are all lovely !

  9. They don't seem to be shy of humans the way herons and egreta are here in Ontario.

  10. Great shots of the egrets. They are fun to watch around the fishermen.


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