Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's a Dogs Weekend

A lot of dogs this weekend! Our dear friends have once again jetted off to blue waters to dive in, leaving their furry kids at their second home. They are very comfortable here and all tree dogs coexist just fine. Roxy the youngest and only female seems to think she is the center of the universe. She like to herd Tucker (our dog) the senior of the group, she nips at him if he gets too close to us. Flash who recently had surgery seems to be his old self again. They have a routine when they are here and we better stick to it, but they don't run the show. Honest!
Roxy , Tucker, Flash. Roxy always has to be in your face, in front, on your lap or anywhere close.
I don't know. Something must be exciting in the pool!
The dive rings Roxy thinks are toys for her to fetch and when the are thrown in the pool they sink. She just can't figure it out. She swims in circles over them looking and looking.
Flash can't stop watching "Alphie" our pool cleaner (named after the toy robot from our childhood). Roxy is still looking for the rings.
She sees it, there at the bottom. Ah, the young are so determined! Later Wade pressure washed the pool deck so it's all nice and clean now. Next the furniture, we should be able to spend more time just sitting out on the lanai enjoying the weather, not having to jump in the pool.
You have to be careful to make sure the bathroom door is latched or you'll get this!
Or this!
Or both! Hey what's going on?
Tucker just seems bored with it. Kids!
It is fun watching other dogs though, you find out your isn't the only one with issues!
Okay it's time to go down to the beach for sunset!


  1. How sweet and I am so envious...I wish I could go to the beach too...Instead we are freezing our butts off with coats and the furnace. boohoo....

  2. Cute pictures! Even dogs need play dates!

  3. Umm, sorta looks like those cuties DO run the show!!! :)

  4. Krista, I still love this weather and we love it so close to the beach, takes us five minutes to get there.

    Melanie, I think even old man Tucker enjoys having them over, even though he doesn't play with them.

    TKW, don't they all? All I do know is our house gets very small with 3 herding dogs at your feet at all times.


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