Monday, October 19, 2009

After 2 Years and 7 Months Braces are Off

Ta da!! Here it is. She got them off last Monday and we finally got to take some after photos yesterday. Her school pictures are next week, so she lucked out there.
This is where we began....

A little gap and an extreme over bite.

The last week that she had them on. She didn't always give a full smile for pictures, so we had to make sure we got a "before" shot with braces.

She was so funny the other day when she said her teeth touch her bottom teeth, "is that okay?"
She was so good the whole time her braces were on. She followed every rule and made sure she did everything that the Doctor told her to do. She also had to have an Upper Franectomy to remove (laser) some of the extra skin she had above her upper gums and between her teeth or they could go back. Next week we go to get her retainer and I'm sure she is going to wear them too, just as she is instructed to do.


  1. Such a beautiful smile! It's so rewarding when the braces come off...

  2. What a pretty smile and a prety girl. Bet she's over the moon happy to get them off.

  3. She is so lovely! I had a wicked overbite, too...

  4. Thank you, it was a learning experience for all of us. Neither of us has had braces, so it was hard for us to help her know what to expect. But there were a lot of others, co-workers and friends that have. I had her talk to anyone who went through it...

  5. I have always needed braces. I think I'm getting too old to worry about it anymore.

    Great new smile! :D

    Visiting from TKW. Have and terrific weekend!

  6. It's a wonderful day when they get them off. It's like they are a new person and she is just beautiful.

  7. I love the photos. Maranda's grown so much in the past couple of years. I'm happy for her to finally be free of her braces.

    Wish I could get Sierra to follow the rules to the letter. I have to remind her to wear her bands at night now that she doesn't have to wear them during the day any longer.

  8. The ungourmet- thankyou for visiting and for the comment. I think a lot of us should of gotten braces :)

    Insider- She was happy to get them off. She couldn't pass a mirror without checking out her teeth!

    Robyn, Thanks, it's seems so quickly they start to get a more adult look- YIKES! too fast!

    I was lucky that she did so well with them and I didn't have to nag her!

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