Saturday, October 22, 2011

Photo Hunt _ HIGH

I have many photos that I could use for today's Photo hunt - HIGH. I often look up and take many photos that way, but I narrowed it down a little.
The Tampa Bay Rays play in Tropicana Field. It has a "HIGH" dome on it so the Rays can hit all those home runs.

Sometimes the ball is hit so "high" it gets lost in the lights...

On the way to the dome or as it is now called the "Trop" we have to drive over a "HIGH" bridge...

The old bridge was too low and a ship hit it and knocked the south bound section down...

The new Sunshine Skyway Bridge is painted bright yellow...

Both north and south bound are together in one bridge can fish off the old section of the bridge that they left standing, as an artificial reef, and two fishing piers on either end.

On a summer day it is so hot and hazy...

...unlike this bright blue sky.
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  1. I love your "high" photos. My favorite is of the dome. It looks very artsy.

  2. Great photos for the theme. I love bridge pictures and the post that tells the stories was wonderful.

  3. Love this bridge...glad to see it's now YELLOW!!!! Oh how Florida calls my name! Hopefully this summer, coming for a month...hmm now where to stay?????

  4. I keep telling myself to go and enjoy other blogs beside food blogs and I am so glad I stopped here, Lindsey. These are wonderful photos of HIGH. I have to remember to come back weekly and indulge myself.


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