Saturday, January 8, 2011

Camera Critters ~ Doggie Friends

We've had some doggie friends stay with us the past two weeks over Christmas while our friends were out of the country. They are often called our "god-dogs" they are like part of the family. Our dog will stay with them when we are out of town. It makes for a small house when you have three herding dogs around...err...underfoot! It is hard to get them all in one photos so...I used food!

Now Tucker is going to be 15 this May and he has been by himself (in the dog world) for a long time. He is used to these visitors though...

...but they do go through his toy basket and take out all his toys, and tear them up and leave the all over the house and yard...
Roxy has settled in just fine, she's the youngest, and the center of everyone's attention.

We were able to get the "old man" out of the house and take him with us to a restaurant.'s good to get some attention again.

Flash loves to watch the pool filter, and is sometime timid about walking past it to go outside. Then he sees a squirrel climbing the banana tree and he's over it and outside he goes.

Roxy will go anywhere, anytime and is always in your face as well as the other dog's face (which Tucker despises) but he tolerates it. She will also lay on you snuggle with you and listen to anything you say!

This is usually the way I can get a photo of all three when they are sleeping, and often in the same room near each other or us. Monday they will be back in their own home when the owner returns...

...and Tucker will have his futon back all to himself!
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  1. Three beautiful doggies for sure! I love these pictures and the fact that you got Tucker out alone one afternoon. How sweet!

  2. I love this sharing!!! Such, wonderful, precious furbabies!!

    Sorry, I'm feeling a little bit crabby today...stop by and see why?!! LOL

  3. What a beautiful trio of dogs! And so nice of you to care for them for your friends.

  4. Oh, what darlings! Tucker is so good to let you dog-sit when it is obviously an inconvenience to him, poor sweetie.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Awww, how cute and what a house full you had - it's as bad as me with all my kitties!

  6. Wonderful pics. I just love Tucker -- he looks so sweet. I hope his health is good.

  7. Well aren't you the best doggy friend in their world right now.. they are so lucky to have you caring for them, Lyndsey.

  8. ohhh, love them all! especially tucker of course!! i just wanna hug them all. so so so lovable :)


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