Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Old Salty Dog

Quick post here. Sunday Wade had a friend he new from Michigan that was in town on business, so we met him at The Old Salty Dog. It was a clear sunny day and everyone who is sick of the cold weather, just in the 60's (barley) was out in the sun. The Old Salty dog was one of the restaurants featured on the Travel Channels' show, Man vs Food. They have a foot long hot dog that they batter and deep fry, then pile the toppings on. It took me forever to get out there. St Arman's Circle was so crowded with people out walking everywhere. Then it took even longer trying to get off the key.
It is located on City Island across from Mote Marine and Laboratories. That will be another post.
Right on the water. They have heaters on when you sit outside and it's too cool out. We were on the other side in the sun.

Our view! We just went for appetizers, or I did. I don't like hot dogs so I got the Parmesan Seafood dip with tortilla chips.

Wade got a bowl of clam chowder, his friend got the dog bites. As always the gulls want handouts.

This on was right above us, I was wishing for an umbrella right about now! Just hope nothing happens when he takes off!

Nice view!
It was nice just spending time outside again!


  1. I've been wanting to visit the Old Salty Dog for ever since the Man vs Food episode. I haven't been there in 6 years! I'm sure when we go Mike will be getting that signature deep fried hot dog!

  2. de jolies photos et bien présentés
    un visite très amusante
    bonne journée

  3. Melanie, I know it's almost a shame not getting it, I almost asked someone else if I could take a picture of their salty dog! Oh, and on Wed they have live island music for happy hour.

    Fimere, Thank you, I wish I had a chance to get a few more better photos! Thanks for visiting!

  4. So gorgeous. The food looks so good...

  5. I saw that episode too! Looks like a great place and if I should ever get there, I'll be ordering that dip you had - looks so yummy.

  6. Thanks Krista!

    Betty Ray - It is a fun place to go. I didn't get too many photos, we had a small group and not much food to take a picture of. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

  7. It's so weird to see such familiar things on another blog! I have photos from Mote Marine posted on my most recent post on my photo blog! I work for the school board too! TGIF :-)

  8. I lied, my Mote Marine photos are three posts ago - see what happens when school employees stay up too late, LOL!

  9. Oh wow! A deep-fried hot dog! I have never heard of such a thing. I don't think I would have tried it either, I would be worried about having a heartattack in the restaurant. Lovely photos though Lyndsey, I wish the sun would shine so brightly here.

  10. Martha,
    Yes I agree, it's funny to see familiar places and things on other's blog. I will have to check out your photo blog, but I've had family in town and not much time for the computer. We actually went to Mote yesterday so I'll be posting about that soon.

    That is funny we both work for the school system too!

    You're funny. I think the salty dog is almost as bad as Fettucini Alfredo, or Paula Deen's deep fried mac & cheese! It is nice to sit out in the sunshine! Thanks!

  11. What a lovely spot ! I don't think I could've managed the foot long hotdog, either !

  12. Lovely lovely!!interesting food:-)


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