Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sharkey's Venice Florida

Just a quick post because I have family visiting!
My sister and niece Jessica and her boyfriend are in town for a week. Jessica turned twenty one on Feb 13. Her sister who lives in Colorado Springs flew in to surprise her for her birthday. I didn't have my camera at the airport for the surprise but my sis did. I see if I can get that one posted later. Their first day here we went to try to find sharks teeth in Venice. Kendra is a 1st grade teacher and wanted to find some to show her class. I have a bunch that I found when we lived on the beach in Venice, but she didn't want them that way!

The sand on the beaches in Venice are a little darker. There you'll find a lot of fossils other than the fossilize sharks teeth. They rebuilt the beach several years ago and it hasn't been quite the same since to find the sharks teeth, but maybe it's getting better again. Okay that's not a sharks tooth above, the ones they found were tiny. I just wanted to show the sand.

It had rained in the morning just as we were coming down, but it cleared up enough shortly after that. The pier was built for the fisherman and there is a slight charge if you want to go on it.

They rent these baskets so you can go out and grab some shells and such from the bottom and sort through it to see if you can find any sharks teeth. I took this photo of some others that had these, but forgot to tell Brian and Jessica that they rent them until later...oops. I never rented one and really didn't think they would want to. (You can see them all searching a pile in the background)
The restaurant Sharkey's is right at the start of the pier and has a Tiki Bar outside and usually will play island music with steel drums. They have an array of frozen drinks that they will only sell you two, after that you are cut off!

Under the boardwalk...I mean pier, down by the sea....I mean gulf!

Grandma and grandpa with the grand kids, well three of them.
This was a real quick post. I'll have to go back when the weather is a little nicer, and it looks prettier out. Tomorrow we go to Apollo Beach to see the Manatees!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I wish I were there ;) I'm so bored with all this snow.

  2. I love your photo's. I feel like I am back in your country visiting again.

    Do you find sand dollars here too?

    Silly question...but do you mean real shark's teeth?

  3. Nea,
    I wish you were here too!

    Hill upon Hill,
    Thank you, and it's not a silly question. We can find sand dollars here in Sarasota at Siesta Beach certain times of the year. In Venice where Sharky's is, and other Venice beaches you can find real, fossilized sharks teeth. For some reason sharks that lived a long time ago died off and sharks teeth all sizes wash up and are found in the area. Next weekend they are having the Sharks Tooth Festival.


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