Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Stop in North Carolina

We couldn't get a flight to Michigan at Christmas, and after the snow storms causing delays in the airports we were kind of glad. Maranda was not thrilled about driving, she couldn't fathom that much time in the car. The owner where Wade works owns a house in North Carolina, and has offered it to us often. We decided to stay there on the way up. It is located near Murphy, and the Georgia, and Tennessee borders are not far off. It was so cold when we stopped on the way up, there was frost on my car in the morning. (The first time my car experienced frost). We don't own a ice scrapper so we had to let the car warm up to melt it. I had left my camera in the car overnight and it didn't work right for awhile until it warmed up I guess. So I couldn't get any photos of the beautiful day when we left. The sky was so blue and frost was still on the ground. In that area there are so many churches and I'm sorry I missed many photos of steeples against the clear blue sky! But I did get this one on the way out on the ride home.
This is Friendship Church, we look for that on the way in because that is where we turn in to get to the house in the mountains. I did decide that I really don't think I could live in the mountains. I mean it's a beautiful place to visit but, everything is on a slant and there is only one way in. What if there was a rock slide? You'd be stuck!

It was beautiful, even in the winter. This was taken from the lanai, (or maybe they call it a deck). The sun was just peaking up over the mountains. On the property (I think he owns 10 acres) they put in this swing. It was up so high and the rope was so long, they built a ramp that you take off from.
Wade was helping Maranda with her launch.

I was standing underneath to get this photo. That's how high up it was.


I think from this photo you can get a better feel of how far up it really is. I can't believe she liked this. I had a turn at it and I had to get off, (and I like roller coasters) whoa!

As they were swinging I ran over to get some pictures of the front of the house. This was no mountain chicken coop (as the owner calls it).
This isn't what people think when they are invited to stay here. They all come up here for Memorial Day and Labor Day so they can ride their motorcycles in the curvy mountain roads. The area is known for it. Even on the road that leads to the house there is a hairpin turn that almost turns into itself. There is a very famous road known as The Dragon, it attracts many motorcyclist from all over.

Here is a blip from Great Smokies website.
NC Highway 28 North — Hwy 28 through Stecoah to Deal's Gap. The 22-mile stretch known as the "hellbender" — from Johnson Gap (Hwy 143) to Deal's Gap — is a favorite of motorcyclists.

Deal’s Gap (The Dragon) — U.S. Highway 129, connecting Western North Carolina with East Tennessee, is world-famous among motorcyclists and sports car drivers, for its eleven-mile section with 318 continuous curves. Riding the Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gapyou closely follow an old Indian trail from Graham County NC to Fort Loudon TN. Take a spin through “Gravity Cavity”, “Pig Pens Bend”, and “Rebels Revenge” with beautiful views of the river along the way to Chilhowee Lake.

This is on the road out on the way home.

Okay I was able to get one steeple, although the sky was partly cloudy!

We stopped on the way out where they have all the dumpsters for everyone. There is no trash pick up so everyone has to take it to this area to dispose of everything. Not wanting to end on a "trashy" note. There was a dog laying in the grass on the other side of the stream. It was funny he was just laying there looking around, enjoying the day!


  1. Very lovely pictures. That swing is pretty high up there!!!

  2. I love to ride my motorcycle on the tail of the dragon road! Hellbender too, not to mention the Chorahala Shyway! Read more at

  3. Krista - OMG it was too high for me, it almost made me sick going on it.

  4. North Carolina is beautiful! I would really like to visit there one of these days! That swing was incredible! I don't think either if my girls would be swinging on it though!

  5. So pretty! That swing looks pretty gnarly. O_O I love the NC mountains. My family & I used to vacation there every summer. We rented a cabin near Waynesville. It's so peaceful! Isn't it funny how a change in landscape makes you feel? I grew up in the SC piedmont, so I'm used to the ups & downs & twisty roads, and the first time I went to the Jersey shore (where my dad grew up), the flatness felt so strange! It was weird being able to see that far into the distance. :)

  6. It does look like a lovely place to visit. And I don't think I could let Sierra get on that swing. I felt my heart drop into my stomach when I saw the photo of Maranda from the back. Too scary. But maybe that was on the up swing so it's not quite as high up as that one photo makes it look.

  7. Mel, I know, I was shocked that Maranda went on it more than once!

    Ella Runciter, My husband would love to live in the Mountains, he get claustrophobic in the city and couldn't figure out why the mountain would make me feel like that. I grew up around the beach and the open feeling and Florida is so flat. In the city at least there are several ways out!!

    Robyn, I couldn't believe Maranda liked it. I couldn't do it, I freaked. Now this is a girl who wanted to stop Horseback riding lessons b/c they were starting to go too fast! But then again the first again the first roller coaster she went on was Space Mountain on her 5th grade trip. I don't know...go figure!

  8. *beautiful photos !! NC is just gorgeous...


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